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Market News Today 2019-01-25

2019-1-25 10:05 | By : Mex Group News

Market Briefing

  • The euro briefly dropped to its lowest level of the year before recovering after Draghi signalled that there's no case yet for a new round of long-term loans for banks. Germany's industrial slump along with Italy getting a slap down at Davos pulled the single currency to new lows in the US session.
  • The Senate blocked duelling bills to fund the government on Thursday, leaving no clear path to end the longest government shutdown ever. On Friday, those workers will start losing their second pay checks since the partial closure started on Dec. 22.
  • The International Monetary Fund's Managing Director, Christine Lagarde, told a panel in Davos that the current slowdown in China's economy is "legitimate," but warned it could pose a major risk if the downtrend started to accelerate.
  • Juan Guaido, president of Venezuela's national assembly and leader of the opposition is running a parallel government that is seen as legitimate by the US and other world power but without control over state.

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